The end is near

Yesterday, I struggled to fight back tears as I saw my brothers donning their number 1 uniform for their memorable parade. The tears of joy as I saw them marching out . Although I was a tad disappointed about not being in the parade, seeing my bros out there reminded me of what is really worth celebrating; ORD is arriving and the end is near. 

Of course, I shall reserve my final thoughts on the actual day of my ORD, but the parade brought about a mini closure to things.

Can you smell freedom? It’s not very far away..


Warmness in a cold train

It was an ordinary day – stepped into the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train and continued my journey back home. Amazingly the only thing not very ordinary was the fact that there were empty seats and the train wasn’t crowded, so I decided to take a seat..

My eyes were glued to my usual iPhone games and I was gaming away just to kill time. And then I felt a gentle nudge on the left. I almost dropped my phone. A middle – aged man was gesturing to me while pointing to the train map. At that moment I wasn’t sure what was happening:

  1. I had my earpiece on
  2. The guy’s mouth wasn’t moving so was he talking? I’m not sure
  3. People around us didn’t even look bothered at what was happening between us strangers 

I was quite frustrated; I almost dropped my phone and now there seems to be this guy who’s gesturing strange things that I do not understand. I took off my earpiece and sure enough he wasn’t talking.

 That was when I saw him furiously typing away on his phone and he showed it to me.

“which stop do I have to alight to go bedok mall?”

I gestured back “7 more stops” and looked at him. 

Soon, I was flashed with another message he typed on his phone

“Thanks, I deaf”

I immediately felt guilty. 

Here I was, getting frustrated at him, but all he needed was help. 

I struggled to understand again why was I angry at this man. He needed basic help and decided to ask me. Shouldn’t this be more important than my game?

We then spent the rest of our journey talking via text messages shown to each other. Apparently he tried asking the person sitting to his left but he refused to answer to his pleas of help. 

Maybe I’m used to a cold society, where we are so cold towards each other, and harmony cease to exist. We bottle our frustrations from work, school or daily life and only care about our self interests. 

I could have been just another guy whom he approach but yet ignore him. I could have been the one pissed at him for nearly tipping my phone off my hands and canceling the high score I was aiming for in the game. I could have just took the nudge for a bump on the usual train ride as nothing and continued playing.

I’m glad that I didn’t do any of the above and helped this guy answer his basic question, although I’m sure my frustration was uncalled for.

Soon, the warmness of the train slowly died as he alighted the train and said goodbye to me. And it was back to the cold journey back home…

A Fresh Start

After a long break, I’ve decided to start anew with a brand new blog. Of course, there were several considerations before I decided on this; questions like, “why would I be bothered to blog?” and “Would I have time to blog?” But in the end, I chose to start one once again (I had a blog that I created since primary school, I’ve deleted that one) because I wanted to document my life and find my voice through writing. 

Now, allow me to explore WordPress a little bit more…