honest review- trick eye museum @ Resort World Sentosa

Had the chance to tour trick eye museum yesterday, thanks to my awesome friend who had two free tickets and decided to explore that place with me. About trick eye museum (as described on rwsentosa.com trick eye museum):

Trick Eye is short for ‘Trick of the eye’, which refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. With that, 2D paintings on the museum walls, floors and ceilings appear to pop out of the surface and come to life. Visitors are more than welcome to explore the various themed galleries with their eyes, hands and even cameras. Step inside the paintings to complete a visual narrative with your creative poses, and watch a “tricky” story unfold before your camera. At Trick Eye Museum, you’ll be creating unforgettable memories with friends and family amid fun and laughter, with a dash of educational and cultural enrichment.

Getting there: take the monorail from vivocity and alight at waterfront station.

To be honest, it was quite surprising that it was hidden somewhere behind the Korean town (this eatery place which had everything Korean). We were told upon entry that it was a one-time entrance pass, meaning we couldn’t go come out and re-enter.

Upon entering, we were quite stunned at the size of the museum. Considering that there were lots of trick eye stations, the size given to it doesn’t do it much justice. As we walked further into the museum, you could see the few highlights, mainly the bamboo stalks with pandas, the angler fish, the angel wings, and the ames room. We snapped a few pictures, got bored and got out. Well, two guys going on a museum adventure like this… What could you expect?

Good for:

  • couples to explore, take some awesome pictures together, and strike some creative poses
  • family outings – a good chance for families to have fun and collect memories
  • girls will definitely go gaga over such amazing and creative backdrops

Bad points to note:

  • size of museum was an issue; there were just too many people in such a small space, when people were trying to get the right angles while taking at the respective photo points, you could easily offend the other guy who’s standing at the photo point of another station, causing much anger and frustration.
  • Since size was an issue, crowd management should be re-enforced to prevent squeezing and over-population.
  • Did i mention crowds make my head go crazy?

some snippets of the action:


So, if you have not done so, it would be great if you could go and see what the hype is all about!


8 things I do when i have literally nothing to do at home

You know, those lazing around moments that everyone has? Yup, everyone has them. Since I’ve been lazing around at home for the past few weeks or so, here’s the top 8 things I do everyday when I actually have nothing to do at home:

  1. I wake up, only to stare at the ceiling and question myself: “what the f*** do I have in store for today?”

Staring at the ceiling isn’t going to improve things. But it just dawns upon you then you’re rotting. Literally rotting. But you kinda like it.

  1. Suddenly start having snacking and drinking habits

Every damn thing in the fridge looks tasty. Heck, even plain water tastes good.

  1. Youtube surfing

This one, is a time waster. All sorts of videos.. Teens react to, Elders react to, Youtubers react to by TheFineBros. The thing is, their videos are really engaging as it opens up on people’s instinctive reactions to certain social trends or happenings. ( Go take a look if you haven’t done so before!) oh yes, not to forget the lamest vines you can ever see…

  1. (applicable to soccer fans) searching on your supported club relevant news

Scrolling and searching related news to your club ( I support Liverpool by the way) only to see very nonsensical news like, oh Liverpool linked with ibrahimovic etc etc that you know will not happen but you would still read with interest. Did I mention the comments section have some very good, critical fans who leave very insightful comments as well?

  1. Using your phone, only to realize you don’t have anything to do on the phone

Ahh, the temptations of the phone. But there’s nothing to do on here… *reluctantly puts phone away*

  1. Sleep (Zzz)

Ohhh.. good ol’comfy bed…

  1. Looking out of the windows

Sometimes a lot of interesting things happen in your neighbourhood and surroundings. Really. There was once I saw an old man who looked so weak and frail, and then suddenly he started playing soccer with the lively kids, enjoying the time of his life. Them joys!

  1. Watching movies

   Watching and re-watching movies. The dark knight (2008) remains one of my favourite movies ever.

So, there it is! My list of 8 things to do when I’m idle. What are your top 8 things that you do when you have nothing to do at home?

A letter to the friend that I knew 

Hi There, 

I remember, back in those days, where we saw each other for the first time. We were just students in the same classroom then. Shy, and quiet, obediently sitting in class trying our very best to pick up what our teachers are saying. 

And then slowly, as we got familiar to each other, we became closer friends than before. We laughed. We goofed around. We gave each other stares when we knew we were about to laugh at something, but had to restrain ourselves.

We shared almost everything in common. 

And then things changed. There was a reshuffling of classes based on grades, subject combinations etc etc.. Of course, we slowly got to make new friends again, but there was contact once in a while. 

Even after we graduated from school, we had coincidences that brought us together! 

But 2 years, 2 years was all it took, my friend. 

2 years.

I stared at him; he stared back. But then he continued even before I could say anything.

I’ve become just another face in the crowd…

No growth

seems so strange that the workouts aren’t working (are they?) have been going to the gym lately and seen no visible results, although the weights have progression. The thing I have to worry about too is that my left starts becoming weaker than the right. Quite worrying indeed. 

So.. See how it goes.

There’s blood in the pool!

Happened to be swimming today, trying to spend some time with my own thoughts alone in the waters. Didn’t realize it was the school holidays though, and a lot of kids are splashing around and making a fool out of themselves (I say this because, they literally are, not that I’m biased). Of course, it would be selfish of me to start my rant about how these kids block my lane etc etc and I couldn’t get a gauge of my lap timing. It’s ok, I’m a tolerant guy… 😁

Then something happened which just made me absolutely mad. There was this guy who had a bleeding wound, fresh with blood oozing down his leg and he just DIPPED HIS LEG INTO THE SWIMMING POOL. I literally almost choked on my breath. I could see the blood slowly spreading out and deeper into the pool and he just, quite rudely to say, didn’t give a shit. 

What in the world! Totally inconsiderate considering that there’s a washroom nearby where he can wash his wound. Instead he went to dip his fresh bloody wound into the pool. I was so pissed I immediately took my stuff and left.

Makes me wonder what goes on in people’s minds sometimes.

Did I just mention ord is over-rated?

yup, you saw my title right. The thing that everyone is waiting for, to end their service of 1 year and 10 months, to embrace freedom.

Until when you ord then you realise, you’re lost.

I’m not kidding. Of course at the initial stages you will be so elated and happy: ” yes, finally! After all that I’ve been through!”

But then you start to wake up in your comforting bed, not knowing what’s in store for you. You don’t know what’s going to happen. 

Never have I felt so lost, it’s worse than the break after my A levels… I stare at my walls, my ceilings. I roll around in bed, not sure what’s in store for today. Or perhaps I’ll just wait till it’s night then it’s back to sleep?

For now, I’m lost.

He looked behind, delighted to have left his misery, only to see that perhaps the future isn’t as optimistic as it sounds..

ORD, back to studies 

Finally, the day has come where we can finally close an epic phase of our lives. When I first enlisted, I remember surrendering my pink IC in absolute dread… It was an exchange of freedom to conformity. It was an exchange of the comfort of my home for the rigor and the discipline that the army brings. 

I got posted to school 4, rocky hill camp.. A total “ulu” place considering it was away from schools 1,2,3. So a thought instantly came to my mind: isn’t it the more secluded away, the more “tekan” stuff they could do to us? My thoughts were proven true. That epic day. On Mother’s Day. A tekan session that the whole of 4th coy will never forget. It was a groundbreaking one that resulted in 3 or more recruits just like me collapsing and soon out of course. That was how epic it was.. The rest was history.
Although the army is full of its regimentation and nonsensical tekan sessions, it is the friendship and bonds forged that will last a lifetime. People helping each other to overcome obstacles and complete tasks together, all the tiredness and supporting of each other. Of course, there’s the ugly side of human nature as well that till this day irks me and opens me up to have a whole new perspective of how irksome our human community can be. Nonetheless, that is what make me treasure the good of human more than the bad.
Thanks for the journey, and happy ord. 
Now it’s back to studies and what not.

Striving for a fitter me

Close to two years, and I’m still feeling slightly deterred by my knee injury. Honestly speaking, it still annoys me to this very day – the occasional ringing pain which comes abruptly even when I’m just lazing around in bed. 

When I first got injured, I became very very disappointed. I got it during my time in national service, so my thoughts started drifting to the future where I know I couldn’t enjoy all the sports that I used to play in the past anymore. No more soccer, no more running.. I used to run alone, shutting myself out of this world, but now, I can’t even do my favorite pastime. Barely 500m and discomfort ensues. 

I started to mope around and lose hope, resorting to eating and eating to make myself feel slightly happier. Fast food, everything.. With the additional fact that I couldn’t run, my body went out of shape. 

But now, I’ve started to embrace my limitations. I realized that an injury shouldn’t deter me from living a life that I should be enjoying, albeit within my threshold. 

So, this shall be a new 2015 resolution (it’s never too late!): to lose them fats!