Being early is a relative thing

Experienced my first Monday Blues today; woke up later than usual and panicked. Just because I was engrossed in YouTube late in Sunday night. 

So I decided to take the premium bus 538 and it was such a peaceful ride.. I reached slightly late (10 minutes to be exact) 

Only to see that I’m one of the earliest.

Being early is a relative thing;

So can being late be a relative thing as well? 


Busy busy

There hasn’t been much time recently to settle down and pen down thoughts and what-nots, because recently I have been working. The ironic thing was that I decided to work so as to stop wasting my time rolling around in bed and making myself look like a sushi, but little did I expect myself to miss that kind of life a few days into the job. Lol seems like a perfect example of “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

Hopefully I will have to chance to update this blog as and when.