Nearing the end of the month – what have I done?

With a blink of an eye, it’s end May. Asking of this question, I don’t mean it in the work context – rather, I’m thinking of what have I accomplished outside of work. Things like improving my quality of life. 

Honestly speaking, it has been a tough month. Work has taken up much of my life now, and then there’s the aftermath. I reach home, tired and exhausted. Heck, even the journey back home feels like some survival show series, the mere suffocation of bodies cramped together in a small carriage. Just like how in mobile rpg games the character takes time to recharge after completing a mission. 

I’m not sure how time flies. But it sure does. 

The most recent mobile game I’m stuck on is NetMarble’s Marvel Future Fight. It’s a more action packed game involved with the Marvel co. compared to Kabam’s contest of champions (CoC). CoC has become so competitive that it is so difficult to recruit new heroes. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get at least a 3 star hero. Plus, the hero crystals algorithm are seemingly biased and rigged. #icanteven

Future fight has its difficulty too. The rate of biometric drops becomes a challenge as the game progresses.  But it’s an interesting challenge. Sometimes making a game too over-the-top difficult will be counterproductive. 

Oh, wait, so that is what I have been doing for the past month besides going to work. 


Thanks for everything, Steven Gerrard

It was in the year 2006. I was still a primary school student then, and that was the year I was exposed to the world of football, the barclays premier league and all the action. I always saw my dad staying up late, in the darkness, with the television flickering away. I always wondered what he could be up watching on weekends.

Then there was once where I got to watch this particular match. It was Liverpool vs West Ham in the FA Cup Final. I watched on as the Reds battled on and on and on. My heart racing, mind pounding.

It was nearing the 90th min, and then this player cracked a whacking volley into the bottom corner.

“STEVEN GERRARD!” THE commentator went nuts, I went nuts, my dad was equally excited (he didn’t support any of the teams). It was this player, whose passion shone throughout the match. I seen him running around tirelessly, making absolute challenges and tackles, sprinting as hard as he could, until you could see him panting.

He was the reason why I became a liverpool supporter, and now this great man is about to end his BPL career.

Frankly speaking, the match against crystal palace was anything but. He tried to do his trademark long distance scoring but the goalie saved it. Furthermore, I felt the team did not do him justice in what is to be his last home appearance.

Many people would argue with me, about how he is “past it”, how he makes more mistakes than positive contributions.

But I don’t think many people will doubt his leadership, his influence on the team.

In fact, yesterday’s performance left me wondering, what would happen to this club, once he leaves. There seemed to be no leader on the pitch.

Look at Pirlo. He’s old, can’t make his runs, visibly running out of stamina. Who is to say he is worthless and “should be get rid of”? (I’ve known some fans who AMAZINGLY WANT GERRARD TO BE OUT)

I am sure no one can stand up to the big occasion as much as I know gerrard can, as proven time and time again.

That would be a worry for the future, but for now, let us not forget to thank this liverpool legend.

Thanks for everything, Gerrard.

When we find ourselves in times of trouble, Stevie G runs past me,
Playing the game with wisdom, Stevie G,
And in my home, the Spion Kop, We watch him jog, right in front of me,
Spreading balls with wisdom, Stevie G,

Week in a nutshell

This week was a surprisingly short week. Took leave on Wednesday and unexpectedly had to take another leave on Friday because I was down with sore throat, fever and the usual flu. Honestly speaking, I was quite frustrated because I have been suffering from the same sickness time and time again.

Perhaps it was due to that one incident where i was sick during Basic Military Training (BMT) field camp and didn’t finish my antibiotic prescription, so the virus is more resistant to all sorts of medicines that i resort to? i have no idea at all. All i know is that it gets very irritating.

Any tips on how to boost immunity? :/

On leave

Had to take leave because of a medical check-up/health screening at pulau NTU. Thinking of the traveling is enough to put me off but having to wake up today later and knowing I need not go to work was one of the best feelings ever. 

Had not been writing much due to the sheer tiredness of work leaving me running out of brain juices by the time I’m home. Both physically and mentally drained. 

the llao llao phenomenon

Decided to go down to Llao Llao (went to the bugis one) because I have always heard about it but never had the time to try ._.

Firstly, the queue was ridiculously long which heightened my anticipation. Have heard stories about how awesome and based on recommendations by my friends, I should buy sanum for a first timer. So I did.

I topped mine with dark chocolate sauce, kiwi, rockmelon (the girl looked as if I was a weird guy haha, turns out she heard my order wrong and gave me watermelon instead), and dragon fruit. With Filipino white chocolate, Oreo and some caramel cookies as toppings.

And it turned out like this:
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The froyo was quite nice and expected, slightly sour, and the dark chocolate sauce ended up slightly like the dark chocolate from McDonald’s sundae.

Halfway down the cup and I was left wondering, “how do girls even finish this cup?”

I was left almost defeated by the sheer quantity of it. Well, it looked like a cup after all and I underestimated it. Totally.

I was hoping it wouldn’t melt that fast though, because by the time I went halfway down it totally became liquid form. Not a very nice thing to eat.

To me, this felt overpriced. Just a little. I sometimes wonder whether I’m paying for the fruits, the toppings or the yogurt itself. Or maybe I’m paying for the cup? O.o

A McDonald’s sundae would suffice for me.
(Did you just mention that Llao Llao is a much healthier choice?) nah, I go for value and for the same level of sinful pleasure, I rather get the cheaper McDonald’s. Sorry Llao Llao fans.

Next stop would be honey creme maybe?