And the cold wind blows

The flame of the candle flickered gently among the gentle wind.
The wind blows and blows, the candle flickers vigorously, desperately fighting for its life, fighting for its chance to stake its claim, its identity. 

But it knows, and realizes, there will be a time, where he has to give in, to the stronger powers of nature.

But when? And why? 

When will the time come and why must it happen? 

For there is a quote that goes “It’s true, I am afraid of dying. I am afraid of the world moving forward without me, of my absence going unnoticed, or worse, being some natural force propelling life on.” 

So, does the candle fear? You would never know. Then again who would know but yourself?

Living for the moment, fighting for your identity. A lifelong struggle that I’m willing to commit. 


Bowling with peeps

Long overdue post about the outing last Thursday all thanks to the two of them wanting their bowling addiction to be cured ASAP. (honestly, I think it’s becoming a bit crazy). One of my friends, Chin Siang (Cs) has become so addicted to bowling that he practises almost like alternate days of the week. Certainly has the dedication of a young Remy Ong.

That day kind of let me down. More of my thumb let me down. My wrist went all weak *flickin’ em flickin’ em wrists* and my ball unnaturally curls AWAY from the center pin.

BTW guys, if you can’t sense my beginner level, yes I can’t curl my ball 😦

I always try to aim for the center. But then somehow, on Thursday, my ball somehow deviates away from my intended target.

I can’t even.

That day was a sucky day for bowling. And now I can officially confirm that I have no talents in anything whatsoever.

The other two meanwhile, were like having the games of their lives. Strikes and spares, the rare gutter ball…

That day just confirmed my affinity with bowling. Oh, if you were about to suggest pool, don’t. We’re enemies.

I realise; any game that needs accuracy, I’m game over. Took me about 20 years of my life to realise that HAHA.

I wonder what other kind of recreational games do I suck terribly at.

Time to find out.

How far can my legs carry me?

Decided to try something which I always had fear in today – which is a re-attempt at running continuously for at least more than my pathetic previous record of.. 600m. *slow claps*

Guess I did pretty alright this time round, lasting for around 1.6km. Quite a big improvement if you ask me, but compared to all the army dudes who have maintained their fitness, 1.6km is, honestly speaking, primary school required distance to clock during their fitness tests.

But I guess it’s a start. More importantly for me is to be unafraid of the what ifs – all too often with each strike and landing on my feet, I have the utmost fear that my knee will over-pronate and the pain comes back to haunt me.

Looking forward with each step I take!

A week (w/o camp?)

Nothing much happening this week, because I missed out on the combined engineering orientation camp which is supposed to occupy my time for the whole of this week, but nope, not happening, so here I am.

Took the chance to get myself lost in my new schooling environment, until I was quite surprised to see that the distance covered for the exploration was some 8km or so. Astonishing! Fancy walking around school from one place to another just to go for your classes?

Not liking this so far.

Oh, forget about the travel time. It’s terrible. Luckily I wasn’t caught in the major train breakdown this week where both lines of East-West and North-South got affected. If that happened though… Can’t imagine.

i’m dreading school. Are you?

A week of Relaxation (and insanity)

Prior to quitting my job to take a break, I couldn’t wait for it to end. I told myself that a week of “vacation” at home would be good to keep myself fresh for school.

Well, I was half-right about it.

The correct portion is that i get to wake up much later, and get more sleep.

The wrong part would be my wondering mind.

My mind seemed to wonder all across the place when I’m at home. It’s quite scary, to be entertaining those thoughts when you’re just about to be comfortable with your bed.

Those wild thoughts hunting me everywhere, in my sleep, while I eat.

Maybe work helps. Helps me keeps my thoughts away, helps me prevent my thoughts from going astray.

Maybe I need school to start, but then again I’m afraid of school. :/

so tell me again, what can I look forward to?