But I did click!

So something dumb just happened today.

I’m currently taking a physics module, and this physics module involves lots and lots of online quizzes. I never had any problem with them.

Until today. Today – looks like a typical normal scenario where I rush to complete my online quiz because it is due tonight before 12pm. I submitted it at like 5pm and I didn’t give it much thought, despite the scores not showing up. I mean, sometimes, the scores don’t show up because they claim that it will only be added up past the due date and time. So off i went to study for my maths quiz instead which is FREAKING TOMORROW.

tadah. I went in just now at like 0100 hours, and the score is not reflected. AND IT IS PAST THE DEADLINE SO SCORE IS NOT COUNTED




How did the internet just betray me in such a simple way.

Feeling cheated is a very bad feeling.

Wonder how this is going to turn out…


Who are you?

People change.

Just that none of us expected it to be that fast.

Or is this your true self, just being exposed after only a few weeks?

Not sure. But it’s not just me seeing this change.