Cultural Night

This week main highlight (besides the computing and maths tests) would of course have to be the Cultural Night performance. It would have to be my very first dance performance.

To speak the truth, never would I have imagined myself being involved in a dance performance. The thought of myself dancing would probably trigger lots of laughter from my family and my friends. Especially my sister who thinks that I’m a stone HAHA. I still think that I’m as inflexible as a tree.

To think that hours before the actual performance, I actually forgot the timings for the move. I started to rush moves and was half a beat faster.

Nonetheless it was an enjoyable performance, although it was pretty stressful.



Recently when I start attending physics tutorial, it gets me very angsty and unsure of what is happening around me. I wouldn’t expect electricity to be that bad. My face probably was as black as coal but I never liked the feeling of not knowing what is happening in class. It’s as if I might as well not go for classes because I don’t feel any connection with the subject. So far physics and computing lacks connection. Both these classes make me feel the negative aura.

Pretty sure my black face scared a lot of people to be honest. Couldn’t help it though.

There’s even more pressure when your clique is way smarter than you and you don’t understand what they are talking about? THAT’s the worse. Everyone in class seem to understand something. Ok, there is one thing I understand: I understand that I don’t know shit.

Feels like I’m in the wrong place here in university. Really, really feels like it.

who can provide me the strength, the will, the motivation to carry on? because I’m trying to find myself in this madness and no one’s stopping to help.


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