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I decided to stop my football manager (FM15) journey today, in September 2016.

What an amazing journey.

I started off wanting to change Barcelona to one where counter attacking football is pleasant, yet insisting on the false 9 upfront ideology which has fascinated me so much.

*still amazes me how I didn’t start of the save with Liverpool HAHA*

To focus entirely on the football aspect, I decided to make the chairman the person who handles first team signings, contract renewals, everything! And painstakingly created my tactic from scratch. I had a list of aims/goals:

  • play counter attacking football
  • young spanish contingent.
  • promoting people from barca B into the first team
  • creating my own tactic

Essentially I wanted to create a distinct tactic, style that resembled me.And boy, was my journey so addictive. I shall split my blog post into the 2 seasons and the final one (the one where I’m currently in, which I’m going to stop prematurely)


Realized that Barcelona was hit with a transfer embargo… Which doesn’t affect me either way: when I looked at Barcelona B and those on loan, I couldn’t wait to get started. Munir, Sergi Samper, all talents lining up to replace xavi, iniesta and company. When I created my tactic, I wanted to ensure the fullbacks would overlap and go to the opposing side of the field to contribute to attacking play. So I initially toggled with the idea of having team instructions “look for overlap”. However, it went counterproductive. The midfielders were slow to pass the ball because they had to wait for the fullbacks to arrive.. Furthermore, when hit on the counter, I was left vulnerable. It was stunning to see Barcelona losing to a team like celta Vigo 2-1.. So I unchecked that option and to my surprise the play was much faster, more fluid. Strange enough I set up my side to play counter attacking and yet when my team is at the final third, we probe astound patiently to score. Talk about possession based counter attack.

The director of football handed out wages as if they were free??? Messi on 650k per week. Thank god he somehow managed to keep the club afloat financially 

Won the treble that year (Y)

Shall continue 2nd season in the next post some other time