Sons of heaven

We get up at sunrise.

At sunset we rest.

We dig wells and drink.

We till the fields and eat.

What is the might of the emperor to us? 


#story – Click, click, click

The cold metal pressed strongly against the temples of his forehead.

Click. Click. Click.

Cold, heartless Russian Roulette.

The sheer touch of cold metal sent shivers down his spine. But he laughed away. An addiction to helplessness is a strong one.

“It’s like, trying to make all cookies with the same cookie cutter, y’know what i sayin’?” Dave muttered, letting out a puff of deflated smoke as he drowned his cigarette butt.

“Yeah, but if you can’t fit, why not just get the fuck out?”

“You don’t understand Charles, you don’t understand.. The only thing that’s alive, y’know, is my cig stick. And that’s only when i light it.”

Click. Click. Click.

Charles smiled at the shiny, glistening barrel. 3 years on, and Dave was right about this one. “Fucking hell Dave”, Charles muttered to himself as he reminisced the good times hanging out at rooftops.

Just waiting for that one thing to happen and the pain will be gone.

For too long one has been stuck in a system where nothing makes sense. The powerful will devour the weak, the weak defenceless. You could stare through a person’s eyes, to see the emptiness within his laid bare heart.

Click. Click.

It feels heavier at this side of the barrel, I wonder..? But definitely not as heavy as life’s burdens and expectancies. haha. hahahaha.


Note to myself

hi there,

A defeated, worn out soul you are. Your pain, I know.

You were after all, the academic failure of your family. The one who worked hard when you were younger, enjoyed his life away. Had fun. And still had it easy. 

You were lucky then. 

Perhaps along the lines you realized that working hard wasn’t proportionate to results anyway. You had plans, but plans will be plans. Why have plans in a world that deprives you of the opportunity? One can only scoff at the idea of deprivation. 

Year 2 sem 1 will be the semester. You will remember the pain, the tears u quietly weeped as you stated at the sample paper questions. No one can save a dying man. 

And along the results came along a passion slowly dying away as the waves kept extinguishing of what fire that remains. A man isn’t a man if his soul is dead. And I so knew that. A walking dead since I discovered the harsh reality that being  human brings. 

Year 2 semester 1 will be the semester, too. The semester where you realize that love does exist, a broken heart will heal, a new feeling. The feel of being human once again. 

For you must remember ernest, that beyond this the pure beauty of humanity lies out there. The uncle of hall 3d level 3, the one this semester where u sneaked in just to talk to him once again. Some things don’t change, do they? His light chuckle when he saw you again, do you remember? How he reminds you all these while to treasure your place in university, something that he’s working so hard for to help his daughter enter any uni, any uni.

Year 2, semester 1. The semester where I may just crash at my lowest. Come what may. 

It’s only when you’re at your lowest can you rise back up again;