4 lines

Whatever happen to cold weathers

When all could be better

But bring it on 

For all the warmth has already gone 



For those who matter don’t mind,

And those who don’t mind matter.

Reminder to self

progress made today! Biceps dumbell curls now up to 12kg finally (reps of 8, 3 sets)

Next thing to improve: either increase reps or increase sets. 

Current lateral pull down progress: (3 x 8) of number 9?? (What is number 9 on the cable machine even. Need to find out this scale) 

Only question is whether I can find people to go with to the hall gym. Pretty sure it would be awkward maxxxx :/ probably why I would slack off in the end


Reminder to self to not leave speech preparation till the morning before LMAO so gonna get rekt


I miss you. I miss you so much. 


22 he said 

A bit older 

And life got harder

But it’s alright

I’ve tried

Life of drugs and blood

Of knives and slashes and cuts

To the times he thought he could

End it now, end it now, he should

Of times wasted to addiction

To games and procastination 

One year, 365 days

How many hours has he wasted away?

Not many, and not much

He’s in denial! 

Shh shush shush

Stop being critical!

He’s a late bloomer, 

he hasn’t found himself!

Actually he’s nothing but a disaster

Oh, 22 

But nothing’s changed

You’re still a good for nothing

Your life’s the same

Better do something 

Before your life goes crashing

Down the hollows it goes

Self destruction along with your silent woes.