Felt so terrible. Was doing the circuit assignment today, 150 mins. of pure torture. Did through everything meticulously. Steps seems correct. Answers legit.

2 and a half hours of brain drainage, and I got 24/100. What is this really sometimes I don’t know whether I should just give up and cry.

But I don’t cry. So I just grow numb to it. Numb to failure, I don’t think everyone is as familiar with that feeling than I do.

Whatever, got to stop, breathe, and continue again.


Don’t know what to say already. Second circuit analysis quiz results just released, 20% weightage, and yet below the median by a jaw dropping 10 marks.

Cant seem to know the reasons though, I studied way in advance for it but somehow.

Heck I even consulted the TAs to clarify.

I don’t know what else to do about this topic. It’s like me working harder, practising more questions, and the marks is worse than last semester quiz.

this mod really… Can give up.

Sometimes I find the equation hard work = results really laughable.

It’s like all the academics fkin gave up on me HAHA the prof still sent a personal email to me LMAO I have become on the blacklist officially guys

aiyah, just kill me man.

Recess week

Things to catch up on

EE2001: time domain, laplace, s domain. Nodal analysis reinforcement.

EE2010: A lot to catch up on. Convolution concept, LTI systems. Knowing how to draw waveforms


EE2007: Math, start reading up on the next few topics. Finish up backload. Practice LU factorisation, row space, and column space.

Most importantly, time to catch up take a breather, and recharge!



ern & XS 2009-2013

LOL didn’t know I was heart-dead since 2013 lol I think army froze time.

Would be lying if I said I don’t remember, but you let me go first.

So I won’t ever go back.

ern & XS 2009-2013

Had a good experience today. More importantly, actually these kids are quite smart, a pity they were born disadvantaged. And Porsche is new goals now, even if it won’t be a Porsche, at least (note to self) to be financially ready to buy a car. Wew.

Exciting times ahead.

I‘m not okay

I’m not okay 

I’m not o-fuckin-kay

Is this risk of compromising my health for studies worth it? 

I think all the crazy 5am sleeps chionging my studies is making me worse again. 

I don’t have cough but yet I feel like coughing with the intention of throwing up. Surprise. Actually did throw up out of the blue. Couldn’t even eat a single thing today. 

And I think the world needs one less dying man ugh.

Really don’t know if I can continue this anymore. But I really need to score

I’m okay

I’m okay

Will I be okay if I stay this way

ɘɿnɘƨƚ, u ƨɒib you bibn’ƚ wɒnƚ ƚo ʜuɿƚ ƚʜoƨɘ you lovɘb ƨo muɔʜ, duƚ you bibn’ƚ ʞnow you bib Ⴑuƨƚ ƚʜɒƚ ƚobɒy.