Madness on a Friday night everywhere jam, not enough taxis.

And reaching 7am tomorrow for some emceeing event. 

Mum’s pouring in the work angst as well LOL. 

And sometimes this is where I turn to. Because there’s no point in whining away to people. I just have to work my way out myself. At times I feel like a sponge just absorbing all the bad stuff, mood swings or angst thrown at me. Well, everyone has their stress, shall not take their harsh words seriously…


Definitely not my style of events to emcee, a conference. But gotta Just give it a shot. Blazers and tie 😂 seriously


life as we know

But a clock ticks for all of us, silently, somewhere

– the time keeper 


Didn’t really believe in those kinda stuff. Moths being reincarnation and all.

But at popo house today. There was a moth that kinda wouldn’t go away.

Who knows it may just be you.

The way you flew so low, around everyone. Landing on my skin. I off the light and u flew out of the house; only for a while though. It just seemed that you kept coming back. Our whole family was silent, it was as if when u kept coming back, we kinda thought perhaps it may just be you.

i thought of you grandpa, i thought of you.


took me 15 minutes to actually on off on off the screen so that I can swipe just that little bit before it freezes to actually set my alarm tmr seriously…




Fantastic nostalgic band, the neighbourhood. Of course sweater weather is one of their more famous songs. Which everyone should know I suppose. A mix of alternative/indie pop rock. Brilliant.

And as usual, haven’t thought of anything to say for tmr. What’s new la ern.


highlight of the day: writing on XCODES and making your MacBook auto on and auto shut down.

It soon became dangerous coz I had to stop that shit. Almost panicked but then decided to estimate length of code plus take duration of one loop. And managed to control it. MacBook damn hot after that though 😂