Honestly gonna good game anytime soon but then, everyone’s stressed right. 

Can’t even score for each paper😰


#things to do

Review Fourier complex series, low pass, high pass filter, discrete time signals, AM Modulation, time domain and frequency modulation.

Read through notes then attempt Latest sem 2 PYP timed. Actual paper is 2 and a half try it in 2 hours. Mark and review

Do one more PYP. 


Well, looks like I’m off to an interview. Bank of America wew. Group interview sounds kinda cool. Wondering if there’s gonna be friendly fire since I have never experienced or went for SMU one. Will be interesting indeed. 

Want to consider my options to be honest. Be it banking, or maybe I want to try the real engineering. Will probably die of boredom though 😂😂

So scared for finals sia