The heart is naive, the heart is weak. 

Why would u love someone so much, and yet that someone will let you go without a single fight? 

If you really don’t want me enough then I’ll move on one day. 

But till then I’ll be the silly guy who trusts his instincts. Who believes in us. I’ll still get to see the smile which brightens up my heart every damn moment, but I try to act cool about it. The one whose voice starts your day right. Whom it is so hard to separate from, a physical embrace that hopefully protects you from all the worries surrounding your world. Your confused state when u just woke up. 

Everything of you. 

I know it takes time. And that’s why I’m willing to walk through with you. Whether you would choose to appreciate, or just let me go just like that, is your choice. 

I’m not your ex. I’m Ernest. 

So confused right now 


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