Realized that I can’t keep seeing the reservist date. Because it’s so damn near the date she flying off arghhh. 

I tell myself it’s fine. I tell myself that she’ll be back within a month. I tell myself that she will get to enjoy Korea. 

It’s gonna be an enduring one month 😭


For every moment is precious

With you, with you



A whole different approach. The best artists are able to come out, albums after albums, when matched together, do not totally sound like each other. But each very unique, and awesome on its own. Exploring the biased perceptions of his very own black culture. the struggles of how they try to fight the perceptions but still stick to their roots in the end. Within the album itself exists songs that are not typical of lamar.

Many comparisons are made with him and Drake. Considering both started out at the same time, what distinguishes lamar from Drake is the fact that Lamar chooses to create distinctive styles. Drake meanwhile sticks to the same style. Not learning new genres of rap and stuff.

Ok time to go back to stupid math.