Yea 13/15 and 14/15 for that marksman combat shoot today. Have to say the earpieces aren’t working though, it’s damn loud even when i put the earpiece 


1 day down

Well, that’s one day down. Lots of admin stuff. 

Can’t help but feel sad throughout the whole day. This really begins the day she goes summer exchange. 

It’s funny how time flies. I remember when you announced when everything was fixed. And I suddenly felt so sad. I think you were probably wondering why I even broke into tears

And it has come. This very date. 

Be strong baby

I’ll see you when you come home

I miss you already

Stay safe

x o x o


My heart dreaded this moment since April

Time flies and it’s coming so damn soon

I remind myself that she’ll be back

But right now I feel so lost



People come and go

But there are some that you know 

To not let go

And it’s you 

My personal vow will stay the same

To be the best man you can have

And the best man you deserve.

Hopefully I’ll live it up to what is worthy.

#thoughts and severely blessed.


Everything of her

Sets my heart ablaze

To look into her eyes

My heart melts

It’s just that you wouldn’t know

What you always do to me

Time and time again