Reminder to self to not leave speech preparation till the morning before LMAO so gonna get rekt


I miss you. I miss you so much. 



Just passed the expressway earlier in the evening. Dad was amused with the bridge linking MBS and the garden

“Whoa.. so many people walking across on the bridge” 

And… my mind. You were on my mind. 

I miss how we were taking in the greenery and crossing on the bridge, exploring gardens by the bay. 

3 more weeks or so I guess… 

much misses 


To who you are

I never thought it would be this bad. I thought I was stronger. I thought it would be  ok.

But in reality it is worse than that. Much worse. Only 2 fucking weeks. 

I’m putting on a face, a face that shows that I can be strong. 

Actually I’m cracking beneath the surface. 

Miss you terribly. 

3 more weeks.


The heart is naive, the heart is weak. 

Why would u love someone so much, and yet that someone will let you go without a single fight? 

If you really don’t want me enough then I’ll move on one day. 

But till then I’ll be the silly guy who trusts his instincts. Who believes in us. I’ll still get to see the smile which brightens up my heart every damn moment, but I try to act cool about it. The one whose voice starts your day right. Whom it is so hard to separate from, a physical embrace that hopefully protects you from all the worries surrounding your world. Your confused state when u just woke up. 

Everything of you. 

I know it takes time. And that’s why I’m willing to walk through with you. Whether you would choose to appreciate, or just let me go just like that, is your choice. 

I’m not your ex. I’m Ernest. 

So confused right now 



dear grandpa,

Who knew that Hemang’s latest favourite song to learn chinese, would be your favourite song as well. Your favourite taiwanese drama, where you would chuckle at the drama and everything.

You tried to tell me that the world actually is not as complicated as I would think of it. Sometimes, just like dramas, they come and go. They have a happy ending.

Grandpa, you told me that education isn’t the only thing to keep me alive. You said that the human spirit must be alive. Don’t focus on being grades all the way, you would say.

Grandpa, two spoons of anlene milk powder, cold water, top up with hot water, then spam milo powder. I know. I still use that recipe whenever I felt like drinking. The first time I made it for you, you careless man! You drank it without feeling if it’s hot. Yet you smiled and laughed it off.

Grandpa, you like to play chinese chess with me. I told you that I can only play when I was younger, I’m old now and I forgot the game. Not my cup of tea. You just continued watching me study during the weekends.

Grandpa, so that song, that song. You say the world will map out as it should be. But now, I’m asking the skies for answers. If only I could have your words of advice now. I would want to debate with you. Not everything is as good as it seems. You protected me, layered me from the harsh truths of the world.

And what is the truth? That misery strikes even the innocent, that pain and suffering knows nobody, and just hits as it pleases.

I miss your advice and words of wisdom. If we could spend another hour sipping hot tea at living room, I would trade an hour of my life to do it. An hour will do.

The world is cruel. How hard you worked, I know. Mum told me. It seems that I’m the only one who knows it too. Out in the sun, the fields, and yet you came back to give mum and her so many other siblings a stable house and comfort. There will sure be times where everything would come crashing isn’t it, grandpa? Answer me. Answer me.

Would you have known if you’re still around? I’m tired now ah pa. Heck, you probably wouldn’t have recognised me now. I knew I was mature for my super young age back then. But she’s right. It’s really getting dark here. With the few remaining people being my bright lamps, the flickering of lights in an otherwise dark empty cave.

I’m scared. I don’t show it but I’m scared. What’s going to happen to me? And like a lost child now I am actually scared of the future. Answer me grandpa, answer me. Guide me the way.

Grandpa, I write this to you. I don’t want to trouble you, I just wanted to spill out my feelings here today. Yes I’m scared. It’s dark in here. And I’m getting so numb to it. Immune to the darkness.

Grandpa, you know every time I think of that very day, my tears will be flowing inside me? Each time I mentioned it in my speech as a lesson for others, or even think of it, my tears would be swelling under those tired eyebags of mine. Those scenes of the white walls, and shell shocked faces. I should have came earlier, I really should. But I show my strength, my resilience. Only when I reach my room, all alone, where all the pent up tears slowly roll down. By then, the tears are absorbed. What remains, are tears that have overflowed.

And just like how you faced your most difficult point in life without me, it’s a reminder to myself that I must be stronger to face my problems. But times like these, grandpa, I can only appreciate your words now.

As Hemang was playing that song again, I pictured you at the sofa with your walking stick in one hand. Watching the lame show. hahaha. I thought you how to say lame. Pretty amazing huh.

You’re in a better place now. 

PS: do you have the recipe for life as well? Would gladly make you a cup of milo in return.



that much more

they say, you won’t know what you have until they away what you had.

A tiring day. I wished I could have done better, honestly. Being hard on myself is the only to go to motivate me. I have to do better than 60% seriously. Just have to remember how much elitism that is going on in the family to know that you cannot drop further.

as he was climbing the stairs, the pain, the pain came again. He stopped in his tracks and clutched his knee, grimacing, suffering but he had to go on. what is this pain I’m going through? Why me? I can never know. What else do they want to take away from me, do tell me what else.

I’ll be prepared.

The thing is that it comes out of the blue. I absolutely hate it. I wish I can do things normally but imagine this spurts of pain happen again? I can’t tell anyone, no? That look in the doctor’s eyes, was like as if it was a common thing. Yes, common, but it’s affecting my life so much! I really don’t know how to deal with this anymore.

Was so lost in circuits tutorial as well. Circuits, the module I’m retaking. Yes, retaking. I really don’t know how to do. 2 hours spent in tutorial was like a waste of time.

Really am pretty damn tired. I’m tired of all these. Knee pains, mental stresses. The only thing keeping me alive is loved ones. that’s what keeps me going. Or else I’m just dead.

This post shall remain here. But till then, Ernest got to prove everyone wrong. Ernest has to work harder. Ernest has to absorb pain and know, it happens. Suck it up.

Ernest is tired. He wants to give up. But not yet. not yet.


Madness on a Friday night everywhere jam, not enough taxis.

And reaching 7am tomorrow for some emceeing event. 

Mum’s pouring in the work angst as well LOL. 

And sometimes this is where I turn to. Because there’s no point in whining away to people. I just have to work my way out myself. At times I feel like a sponge just absorbing all the bad stuff, mood swings or angst thrown at me. Well, everyone has their stress, shall not take their harsh words seriously…


Definitely not my style of events to emcee, a conference. But gotta Just give it a shot. Blazers and tie 😂 seriously