So many things to work on. And of course what a terrible day. 

Thank goodness it’s recess week. Need to plan out my schedule and also my admin shit. Time to prep properly for interviews



Decided to compromise a hell lot today. 
Let’s see how this turns out 


Not too sure why I’m tired out, left two more weeks to go though. 

It’s funny how I can switch on for a few hours during toastmasters. Zaps all my energy

Ultimately have to belong to my introverted roots haha

Other news, my baby improved on her speech, yayyy quite happy. And someone actually said we were cute wewww. 


Finally back after a long long hiatus.

It still boils me how some people choose to do things and make decisions behind backs of others. It is these little things that are hard to manage because they are too petty, too micro to be spotted. It’s like they seem to like to have more exclusivity amongst themselves. Which isn’t the case, so I hope.

The longer I think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense. However, so long as the work gets done, whatever toxicity he brings, maintain it to a minimum bah.


Crazy impromptu soccer session by the melayus of secondary school; got jio-Ed half an hour and off we went.. against some secondary school kids still in their uniforms LOL 

Feels like a typical void deck thing 😂

Ain’t that bad a run today! 3 goals. Got to improve on the right foot though.

And I realise I have to be smarter just in case someone whacks the knee. Did that today so am quite pleased 👍 

Apart from that… Chester Bennington committed suicide. What what what. My linkin park man. RIP. Your music has all the angst that you choose to express, and it will carry on a lifetime. You chose your exit, you’re in a better place now.



Just passed the expressway earlier in the evening. Dad was amused with the bridge linking MBS and the garden

“Whoa.. so many people walking across on the bridge” 

And… my mind. You were on my mind. 

I miss how we were taking in the greenery and crossing on the bridge, exploring gardens by the bay. 

3 more weeks or so I guess… 

much misses 


To who you are

I never thought it would be this bad. I thought I was stronger. I thought it would be  ok.

But in reality it is worse than that. Much worse. Only 2 fucking weeks. 

I’m putting on a face, a face that shows that I can be strong. 

Actually I’m cracking beneath the surface. 

Miss you terribly. 

3 more weeks.