bus problem

A question of 1 life or the other, A preference, a pick. A decision.

Who is to say that the cyclist was deserving of the chance to live on? And the lady did not have a chance to even say, no. It was fate.

Fate plays with chances, decisions. 50-50 suddenly becomes 70-30.

How morally justifiable is it for bus driver to avoid a cyclist on the road floor, and end up killing an innocent lady past the barricade who did no wrong.

Who followed the traffic rules on the opposite side of the road.

Who was dutifully being a responsible citizen.

In the moment of life and death, there could only be an outcome.

A similar problem comes into mind, the trolley problem. In the trolley problem, you are controlling the lever but the train can’t stop. It can either go to track 1, where there’s one prime minister lying on the track, or the other track with 5 normal citizens.

Believed it or not, when my friend asked me this problem, my first response was to say, rescue the minister, make it go to that track and let it be me instead.

It was an easy solution. I saw 5 people who had the potential to do great things with their lives, a minster who deserves to stand for the people.

Just that now it’s 1:1 ratio. and it wasn’t morals, it wasn’t ethics.

It was just about doing the right thing.

A pity this time round, the right to die was not fair and just.



“People don’t change, they just reveal who they truly are.”


I probably need a much clearer direction in life.

Right now it is so smokey

that it’s making me dizzy

I walk alone

with the air chilling me to the bones

no one cares

even if I lay my heart bare.

So where’s the exit again?

And the cold wind blows

The flame of the candle flickered gently among the gentle wind.
The wind blows and blows, the candle flickers vigorously, desperately fighting for its life, fighting for its chance to stake its claim, its identity. 

But it knows, and realizes, there will be a time, where he has to give in, to the stronger powers of nature.

But when? And why? 

When will the time come and why must it happen? 

For there is a quote that goes “It’s true, I am afraid of dying. I am afraid of the world moving forward without me, of my absence going unnoticed, or worse, being some natural force propelling life on.” 

So, does the candle fear? You would never know. Then again who would know but yourself?

Living for the moment, fighting for your identity. A lifelong struggle that I’m willing to commit.